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Avalon Care is a certified NDIS provider with the mission of providing comprehensive care to people with disabilities and going above and beyond to meet their needs and achieve their goals. We believe in caring without borders, and as a result, we are known for supporting those in need while understanding their unique needs.
We focus on boosting participants’ well-being, enhancing and expanding their abilities, and assisting them in living as independently as possible at Avalon Care. We believe that each support makes a difference in a person’s life, so we make certain that it is used appropriately and promotes well-being and independence.
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We are enthusiastic about what we do, and we provide individualised service while fostering and encouraging great support results

Assist Personal Activities

At Avaloncare disability service pty ltd, we make sure that the participants are able to live freely, confidently...

Assist Travel Transport

We are here to assist those who require transportation assistance. We help people live...

Household Tasks

Certain tasks and activities in a household cannot be completed by all members...

Development Life Skills

We give our participants the exposure, knowledge, training, and experience they need...

Participate Community

We work with NDIS participants to ensure they have everything they need to live a pleasant...

Group And Centre Activities

Our group and centre activities bring the community together with inclusivity and excitement...
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What we are

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Avalon Care goal is to help individuals reach and maintain their optimal degree of self-reliance and independence, as well as expand their community participation options.
Our mission is to provide high-quality care and services that set community standards, go above and beyond participant expectations, and are delivered in a caring and convenient atmosphere.